How can i use the website?

The website is born to promote the crowdfunding and to offer more information as possible about the public subscription forr the benefit of the Biblioteca Capitolare. In almost all the pages of the website you will view the section in which you can give yoour contribute for the project. In the page called NEWS and EVENTS you can find articles, images and videos that testify step by step the progress of the fundraising, of the proceedings and of the initiatives promoted by the institutions of the cities.

How can i donate?

Through the website you can donate with the credit card, PayPal or Bank Transfer with
Payee: Fondazione Discanto

IBAN IT 90 U 02008 59960 000104875594

swift code: UNCRITM1D34

Causal: erogazione liberale interamente a favore della Biblioteca Capitolare di Verona

Note: The payee of the bank transfer is indicated as Fondazione Discanto because, for his legal form, it can issue a recipt of liberal provision that allows the donator to use it for fiscal benefits, provided by the current law regulations.
Since Fondazione Discanto is legally recognised with decree n. 831-decreto Regione Veneto n. 74 del 30.05.2016, it is subject to a regular check by the legal recognition office of Regione Veneto, to guarantee his work as regards the respect of the purpose and the regular asset and operating management for which it has been “recognised”.

How can i have assurances on the credibility and the good faith of the project?
As previously explained, the sums will be regulary transferred to the Biblioteca Capitolare.

The contributions are payed on a bank account of Fondazione Discanto with the supervision of Capitolo dei Canonici and other partners of the project. The Prefect of the library has the full access at the bank account dedicated to the crowdfunding.

The website managed by AVVIAMOCI is just a tool of fundraising, without any power on the following using of them.

For further information you can write at:

Did you know that with your donation you can pay less taxes?

The sum that you will donate is deductible from your income! Less taxes more culture!

The donation is deductible from the income within the limits and the ways of law

Who can donate?
All! Private, workers, retirees, housewives, institutions, societies and so on.
The payment system keep control of all the donations took place in a specific database.

Are the supporters publics?
The supporters are inserted in the dedicated page with the nominatives indicated by them, as testimony of their contribute! Who wishes to not appear can select, at the moment of the donation, the choice of remain anonymous.

Can i vary my donation?
No. But you can do others!

Can i ask for the refund of the donated money?
No, the donations are non-refundable.

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